No College For You?

Even if you are a strong student, have you decided that after high school graduation you simply don't want to step into a formal college classroom, at least for now? Perhaps you have always known that you are not college-bound, and that you want more of a hands-on education. You might be the person that all your friends and family members went to when they wanted to look especially nice and they needed fancy makeup for that special occasion. Read More 

3 Extra Courses That You Can Take During Your Cosmetology Program

Going to beauty school and enrolling in a cosmetology program is a wonderful idea if you have a desire to work in the hair and beauty industry and enjoy making others feel good about themselves. The regular courses in a cosmetology program generally include teaching you in depth about coloring, cutting, and otherwise caring for and treating hair, as well as the basics of waxing, manicures, pedicures, and facials. However, most cosmetology programs also include extra classes that you can pay to take, that are going to be taught in addition to the regular courses. Read More 

Want To Make A Change? Why Getting A Haircut Is The Way To Go

If you're like a good number of people, you've become a creature of habit. It's so easy to get into the flow of life and be carried along with the current. This especially pertains to your appearance, since you likely have established a certain style that you've become known for. However, one day you may wake up and decide that you want to do something different. You want to change some aspect of the way you look but may not know where to start. Read More